Thursday, April 28, 2011 launches blog for incontinence discussions is proud to launch the blog in regards to everything Nightingale. We will post on research and development, keep up on new products, and have discussions on products that are available out there. Select Medical's brand of Nightingale is a cost effective product that you will not suffer dependability over. They have a complete line of products such as briefs, protective underwear, adultwashcloths, underpads, barrier creams, ointments, etc. Please visit the website at for more information about each product. We urge any posters to write honest reviews and sincere questions that we may be able to assist in answering.

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  1. My daughter helped my find this brand. It is just as good as others, but not as much money. I would consider these cheap incontinence products of highest quality. Just look at their website and you will see. I imagine all of these companies make a killing, but at least this one seems to make it affordable to people who need it. My social security isnt even enough to cover my living expenses, so I had to figure something out. It used to be hard to find Nighingale but I see this hidden gem is finally being discovered. Lets home the company making them keeps the prices down.